Who we are

The PoC Collective is a member-run organization composed of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color  (BIPoC) from all backgrounds, and who reside in Fairbanks, AK and neighboring communities.

What's our mission

To come together and uplift Fairbanks’ community of color as holistic achievers through peer mentoring, networking, development and growth opportunities, and meaningful cross-cultural relationships through an equity-driven, socially-just lens.

Who DO we serve

The PoC Collective is open to all people of color looking for knowledge and skills development opportunities, and who are looking to support our communities of color by offering their expertise and experiences.


We debated whether to utilize the term “PoC” (People of Color) or “BIPoC” (Black & Indigenous People of Color). In the end, we settled on BIPoC, in order to emphasize the unique needs of Black and Indigenous PoC in our communities. One of the Collective’s goals is to build coalitional unity between People of Color across different identities. Part of this is honestly acknowledging need and privilege, and assessing ways to leverage privilege to build solidarity.