BIPoC achievers uplifting each other towards equity and social justice.


The PoC Collective acknowledges that Fairbanks, AK sits on the unceded land of the Lower Tanana Dene people. We honor the land we stand on, it's First People and their continued fight for justice.


Established in July 2020, the PoC Collective was created by a group of passionate and dedicated professionals of color with the goal of bridging relationships between professionals of color in Fairbanks, AK and neighboring areas.

Members of the collective will be able to connect with each other to discuss topics, provide support to other PoCs by sharing their knowledge, experiences and expertise. 

The Collective is an entirely member-run digital space where we can all work together to improve the lives of people of color in the Fairbanks and neighboring areas.

Feel free to sign up and share your areas of expertise, write a blog post, or comment on other professionals' contributions.

Keep an eye out for events and other professional development opportunities.

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What can the Collective


 Opportunities to connect with other professionals of color in the Fairbanks and neighboring areas

 Peer mentorship in a wide range of areas of expertise

 Access to professional development events, workshops and conferences

 All of these opportunities are free to all members